The Project is dedicated to the creation and production of new plays for, and often by, underserved kids that reside in the Hell’s Kitchen. The Project does this through a series of unique mentoring programs that match kids with professional theater artists giving its young participants the experience of personal achievement through writing and performing plays.

There are no rigid visual guidelines that shape The 52nd Street Project's brand. Their mission is articulated by giving voice to those who don't get to speak, honoring the vision of the young, and offering a place at the table to those who don't get invitations often.

Concluding a successful $14 million capital campaign in 2010, The Project moved into their own 13,000 square foot clubhouse and theater. Working closely with the architecture firm BKSK, we created the environmental graphics, wayfinding, exterior signage and donor signage that run throughout facility. Inspired by urban "wild posting," our environmental graphics installation truly captured The Project's gestalt:  thrilling, generous, spiritual, funny, daring and brave.

Post Script: Iris' first experience with The Project was as a volunteer—creating flyers for plays, making backdrops for scene changes, and then moving on to designing costumes for a musical about a vegetarian T-Rex having a major identity crisis!  She was hooked!  Since then IABD has collaborated with The Project on all manor of communication and fundraising challenges and Iris continues to volunteer for The Project as does her husband and son.

The Project's logo is based on an original drawing of "Fivey" and "Towey" in the city created by famed poet, singer-songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children's books: Shel Silverstein